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                                 pin plates

               plaquitas de agujas

  platines a picotos

                          piastrine a spilli

Welcome to our website


NDS was established in 1996 and is located in Schwabach, Germany.
Horst Dreßel, owner and managing director of NDS has a vast experience of over thirty years in the production of pin plates. It is hardly surprising that since it came into operation constant development of our pin plates has been ongoing to the present day.

NDS is a worldwide, accredited and accepted Manufacturer of pin plates and all other pinned products.

We are in a position to produce all kinds of pin plates like those supplied by: 
Artos * Babcock * Benninger * Brückner * Famatex * Krantz * Liba * Monforts * Santa Lucia * Santex * Stentex * Tandematic * Textima *

We can also supply on demand custom-made products and prototypes.


Trust us to tailor solutions to your problems!